Dear Hiker,
Learn more about how to behave correctly on the mountain. The signs used along hiking trails as well as emergency phone numbers will give you a sense of added safety.

The bright yellow signs help you get your bearings on hiking paths in SalzburgerLand. They show you the level of difficulty, the time it will take to reach your destination, along with the number of the trail.
- BLUE: easy footpaths, hiking paths or mountain trails
- RED: intermediate hiking paths and mountain trails  
- BLACK: difficult mountain trails

Further information about the topic of safety in the mountain and around grazing cattle can be found at »

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  • All hikers do so at their own risk
  • Please respect nature and never carelessly disgard trash
  • If the starting point for your hike is St. Koloman, you can purchase provisions for along the trail at the locally-sourced ADEG shop at the Lagerhaus, right in the town center.