"Upon your cross you proclaimed your love"

All year round - a special path through the pretty St. Koloman countryside!

Along this 3 km pathway, allow yourself to be captivated by pictures and dialect texts about the Stations of the Cross, stopping at the 5 different chapels along the way.

The individual stations were painted by Mrs. Edith Moser, complemented by already-existing texts from Prof. August Rettenbacher. In their simplicity, they underscore the ardent faith behind this collaborative project.

Mayor Christian Struber and Mrs. Edith Moser were the initiators of the "Taugler Mundartkreuzweg". It was constructed and dedicated in 2011. The parish and the village of St. Koloman both supported the project.

Summer and winter – the path is plowed in winter, allowing you to walk along it throughout the year. IMPORTANT: The last section takes you up a steep path, so, in winter especially, make sure you are wearing appropriate shoes.

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Stations of the Cross & Dialekt Path on outdooracitveo

Along the way, or when you are done exploring this path, why not stop for a rest and refreshments at one of the restaurants in St. Koloman.