Enjoy prisitine nature – during a snowshoe hike in St. Koloman!
Trudge through the trees of Zimmereckwald. Hike out to the Pilgrims' Cross. Take a walk to the Wilhelmskapelle, a chapel of immense spiritual power.

The many opportunities for an enjoyable snowshoe expedition are clearly marked on the hiking map, which you can pick up at St. Koloman Tourist Office.

Through the snowy forest
Via quiet, romantic pathways, you will hike with snowshoes on your feet through snowy Zimmereckwald forest. You are bound to be captivated by the magical views stretching from St. Koloman all the way to Salzburg. As you make your way alongside the snow-covered forest, you will also come across the Wilhelmskapelle – a chapel of special spiritual power!

Snowshoeing close to the Seewaldsee
Looking for peace & quiet, renewed energy and enchanting countryside? You will find all of this during a snowshoe hike to the shore of the Seewaldsee. Beautifully nestled in a natural setting, the Seewaldsee is a moorland lake set amid a nature sanctuary. Especially in winter, when its plants and animals are deep in their winter sleep, it invites you to experience moments of utter tranquility.

Hike in snowshoes - completely in harmony with nature!