In the area known as Tauglboden, as you head out towards the Bergalm and lying deep below the road, is the Tauglbach. This stream is distinguished by water as clear as glass, which makes its way through many gorges and small waterfalls all the way to the valley below.
One particular path to Strubklamm gorge treats you to a free view of this natural wonder. Here you see with what immense power the water forges towards the valley. When in flood, more than 100 m³ of water flows through the Taugl every second.

How to get there: Take your car in the direction of Sommerau, turning left at Bio-Vitalhotel Sommerau in the direction of Tauglboden (Bergalm). A sign on the Tauglboden road shows you the exact access point for viewing the gorge.

Where does the Tauglbach flow to?
The Tauglbach, which originates on the mountainside of the Gruberhorn in St. Koloman, flows on through Bad Vigaun and Kuchl.  The Tauglgries, which is the name given to the landscapes along this untamed river, has been a European nature reserve since 2007.
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