Today morning Temperature: 9°C/48°F Sunshine: 20% Freezing level: 2500m
Today afternoon Temperature: 14°C/57°F Sunshine: 10% Freezing level: 2700m
Tuesday Temperature: 12°C/54°F Sunshine: 10% Freezing level: 2600m
Wednesday Temperature: 16°C/61°F Sunshine: 50% Freezing level: 2700m


The weather is going through tough times these days! It has been very unstable for several days now and today Monday, the next weather fronts will arrive here! For our weather, this will bring little that is good: It will be dull and damp all day.


For Tuesday no significant changes are expected. On Wednesday, we will see the transition from low pressure to high pressure with clear spells forming and showers becoming rare. On Thursday, the weather will be bright and warm.